Tangerines and Kumquats

Fruits and cost estimates that look alike on first glance
may offer the palate and the purse very different fare!

The typical scenario goes like this: You establish a budget for a book, accept a bid, and place the work with a typesetter. During the course of production, there will be errors to mar the quality of the book, but everyone hesitates to make valuable changes, fearful of incurring an alteration charge and a time-consuming and demoralizing "battle of the bill."
     Changes to the compositor's master file exclusive of printer's errors are calculated as alterations—a manuscript with even an average amount of editing has significant alterations. The typesetter counts the alterations and adds this cost to the original estimate. You pay composition costs of 110% (or more) of the original bid—and then absorb this additional cost yourself or alienate your author by charging "excessive" AAs as a royalty advance.
     Look at some of your recent composition bills from other providers and compare the final charges with their original estimates. Even after charging some of the overage to your authors' royalty accounts, your final cost may be 10, 15, even 20 percent higher than the quote you approved.
     Generic's cost estimate is your final cost—it includes all alteration costs. Naturally, the author can't submit a replacement disk or an additional chapter and consider these AAs; but in the normal course of review and revision, Generic won't charge extra for alterations

That's right—Generic does not charge for AAs.We acknowledge that errors are a reality and we believe it is best to correct them without recriminations or delay. We don't "low-ball" cost estimates and then make it up by charging an extra ten percent. We estimate honestly and bill for the amount we agreed upon—not more. And your manufacturing department will be glad to know that this policy extends into the reprint stage: Generic securely archives all projects and will provide electronic files for corrections at no charge throughout the life of the book.
     Rather than penalize your author or your budget for improvements, we encourage the effort toward perfection.

After all, we're talking of books, not fruit,
where we expect a healthier shelf-life.

For further information, please email us, including your name, affiliation, and areas of interest, and we will get back to you quickly.

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